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Chris Vasiloff
100 Whippoorwill Rd.
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Our Foundation

Our Whippoorwill breeding program is a line breeding system using related stallions and mares to concentrate and strengthen the traits of two foundation Morgans: Jubilee King and Knox Morgan.

Jubilee King


Knox Morgan

We also use other family lines, successful show families to nearly unknown lines, who have proven to have and pass on outstanding dispositions, conformation and quality. 

Squire Burger
(Juzan x Nella) f. 1938
Whippoorwill Melody
(Squire Burger x Locket) f. 1953
Whippoorwill Duke
(Squire Burger x Diana Mansfield)
f. 1952
Whippoorwill Kathleen
(Whippoorwil Duke x Broadwall Mayfield) f. 1967
Oldwick Eli
(Black Sambo x Lapatica) f. 1962
Whippoorwill Pazazz
(Whippoorwil Duke x Piankeshaw Juzana) f. 1965
Blackwood Correll
(Red Correll x Lady Rockwood) f. 1965
Whippoorwill Locket
(Whippoorwill Duke x Whippoorwill Starling) f. 1975
Whippoorwill Skylark
(Whippoorwill Dutime x Whippoorwill Melody) f. 1976
Whippoorwill Calisto
(Whippoorwill Newmoon x Whippoorwill Salus) f. 1993



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